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Welcome to the official website of the Palau Ministry of Health. Here you can find useful information about our vision and mission and all the services we provide to the people of the Republic of Palau. You will also find the latest health news and upcoming events within the Ministry as well as throughout our communities.

This site is an important tool that will provide direct communication to the public, strengthen our relationships with our partners, facilitate dialogue with our patients, and raise awareness on our public health initiatives. It serves also as an outlet in our advocacy campaign for health, and we will use it with other tools including social media, radio talk shows, a public health channel, and other forms of media to maintain communication with the communities we serve.

We want to take health to where it belongs, not just in our hospital, nor our clinics or our wards but where we need it most - our workplace, our classrooms, our churches, our homes, our screens - where we live, play, work and pray.

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in the health of the Republic of Palau. Mesulang!

Emais Roberts, M. D.
Minister of Health
  Emais Roberts      
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